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PowerSchool Assessment and Analytics (formerly Interactive Achievement) provides Johnson City teachers in grades 3-8 with a fully online formative assessment tool where students can experience multiple item types (including technology enhanced items) across the full range of standards in mathematics and English language arts.  This resource is utilized to deliver nine-week district "checkpoint assessments" as well as for classroom teachers to administer shorter, low-stakes formative assessments throughout the instructional cycle. 

Log-In Site for Interactive Achievement:
PowerSchool Assessment and Analytics (Formerly Interactive Achievement)

District Support Contacts:
Dr. Debra Bentley
Dr. Carleton Lyon

Assessment Dates Grades

Johnson City Schools Interim Assessments (ELA and Math)


The online assessments for grades 3-8 are aligned to the TN State Standards by subject and grade level.  Grade 2 assessments are paper/pencil administered.


Checkpoint I

September 12-30

Grades 2-8

Checkpoint II

November 28-December 16


Checkpoint III

February 20-March 10